My friend Hana tagged me on instagram this. Since I don’t have any idea what to put up in this blog, I thought, why not this? So let me share with you 20 facts about me. :)

1. I love DOGS. I got my first dog when I was 7 and I named her Michelle.

2. I just instantly love people with DIMPLES. I don’t know why, but there’s something with that thing that I can’t explain. Maybe because dimples are adorable and cute, or maybe I’m just jealous because I don’t have any. :(

3. I only drink SOFT DRINKS when I don’t have any choice. I got trauma drinking soft drinks before because I burp through my nose (until today). Weird but true.

4. I love HELLO KITTY but I don’t like CATS. So when Sanrio said that Hello Kitty is not a cat. That was a big relief. HAHA.

5. PIGGY BACK RIDE. Love doing this.

6. PINK lover. Forever and Always.


8. The best way to get me to do something is to tell me that I can’t.

9. I don’t eat any RAW MEAT or FISH like kinilaw (a Filipino raw fish salad made of fresh anchovies fillet mixed with vinegar, chili, onion, ginger, calamansi juice, salt and pepper. ) Sounds delicious right? But, no thanks. :)

10. I don’t like SPICY FOODS.

11. I like IQ QUESTIONS because it is the only way I can test my brain if it is still working.

12.  I love JOKES. But most of the time I’m the last one to get it.

13. Never been afraid to any HORROR MOVIES, that’s why I keep on watching until I find a movie that scares me enough  until I can scream to death.

14. When  I CRY, I always look myself in the mirror to see how ugly I am while crying.

15. Every time I use STRAW while drinking, the straw will never be in its original form after I used it.

16. I’m super dependent on my PLANNER and PHONE.

17. I don’t like COFFEE. I prefer Milk or chocolate.

18. I believe in fairy tales, happy ending and forever after.

19. Most of the people told me that I have a SHORT TEMPER. Well, I don’t have a short temper. I just have a quick reaction to bullshit.

20. I’m COMPLICATED. Deal with it. :)

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Listen to your gut because it thinks faster than your brain, and always consider your first thought because it’s there for a reason. So today, I decided to create a FACEBOOK PAGE for this blog. It was not exactly an easy step though, I hesitated because I might embarrass myself creating a page. As we all know, this generation is living in a judgmental world. The only think we can do is focused on what we want and just practice the I-don’t-care attitude. So just click HERE to like ON the GO on Facebook. Thank you!  :)





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Let it Flow


 “Do it now. Sometimes LATER becomes NEVER.”

Just a 7 words that makes you think that we have to act and move, and go with the flow where  life takes us. I like to keep things easy, although most of the time I always complicate things unintentionally. Which I think made my life a little crazy and fun. What I’m saying is just feel what you feel, say what you gonna say, and do what you want to do. That’s it! Love the life you have, and if you don’t like it….then change it. :)







Top: Zara, Shorts: Ala Moda, Bag: Thrifted, Shoes: Somewhere in Colon Street. :P

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