Three on 13th


Spotted! Three girls in Cafe Egao. Last October 13, 2014 we celebrated Nikki’s birthday. It was intimate, calm and fun. We had the cafe all by ourselves. Night like this should spend more often. It was quite new to me because I’m not really a fan of Japanese food so yeah… was quite tasty. Happy to try new Japanese food other than sushi and sashimi. And by the way, I forgot the names of the food we ordered. I’m sorry. #Badblogger. Just visit Cafe Egao to try these foods. :)


















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Random Boring Nights

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In a sea of people, there are ones that will be by your side during random boring nights. Happy I have these two girls in my life. We have different personality, style and sense of humor ,but I’m glad that despite being different we’re able to meet half way and connect our craziness. Do you have those kind of friends too? Processed with VSCOcam with se3 preset

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Best Friends by Choice

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There was a time I asked my Mom why they gave me a sister. She told me that she wanted me to have a playmate so that I will never feel lonely. My Mom was wrong, because she gave me more than that. Having a sister is definitely one of the best thing ever happened to me. But there are good things attach by irritated things when you have a little sister like…………..

Processed with VSCOcam with se3 preset 1. Number 1 fan and number 1 critic

She will always cheer you in every thing you do. Support your craziness and never let you do foolish things alone. She will give you compliments when you do things correctly, and if you don’t, she will criticize you in all words you don’t like to hear. You can’t be mad at her because you know deep inside that she is right.Processed with VSCOcam with se3 preset

2. Secrets are just for two

One of the best things having a sister is you can share your secrets with her. You can tell her anything from good to bad. She will keep that and never share those secrets to anyone……if you will do the favor she asked contrary to your will. Processed with VSCOcam with se3 preset

3. Double trouble

When one is in trouble, the other is in too.

Like when my parents get mad because of my fault or if I did something naughty, my sister is always part of the scolding session -Vise Versa. Processed with VSCOcam with se3 preset

4. Divide a sorrow, share a happiness

When everything falls apart she will always by your side. She will crack a joke just to make you smile.

And in happy moments you’ll share and celebrate it….and sometimes she will try to ruin it just for fun.Processed with VSCOcam with se3 preset

5. What’s yours is also mine

Sharing is an automatic thing when you have a sister. It’s not just limited to tangible things, but also moments, dreams, feelings and hopes because all of these will never be as great as you thought, if not shared. So literally, what is yours is also hers. Processed with VSCOcam with se3 preset

Aside from those facts, a lot of things are just great with a sister. I can’t literally write them one by one, because great things can’t define by words. Sisters are not just blood related because you can always find a soul sister through friends. If you have a sister and a best friend at the same time you are blessed.  Like us we are sisters by blood but best friends by choice.

Photos by Nikki Omas-as

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